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Pebble Series Pendant


These pieces are made by a complex process that involves 3 separate kiln firings.Firstly the different glass materials selected for the project (sheet, powder and frit) are arranged and then fired to produce a number of glass tiles. These tiles are then cut into 12 mm wide strips using a diamond saw. The strips are stacked to achieve a different pattern and then fired again in the kiln to created a further set of tiles or patties. These are then cut to the required jewellery shapes with a diamond saw.  Finally, the pieces are fire-polished. This achieves a high lustre on the cut surfaces.

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Elegant trapezoidal shaped fused-glass piece 3.0 x 4.5 cm.

Accented with palladium (silver colour) lustre.

Mounted on a 44 cm black coated memory wire with a screw clasp.