Welcome to Delightful Beads

Delightful Beads is all about handmade jewellery. On this site you will find jewellery pieces ranging across a wide spectrum of styles and media. I create with Precious Metal Clay, Polymer Clay, Hand Strung Beads, Bead Weaving, Resin Work and Metal Smithing. I also create Wire Wrapped Gemstones and Dichroic Glass Pendants.  Recently, I have been focusing on making kiln-fused glass jewellery.  It is a long and varied procedure, depending on what exactly I am making. Most pendants need three x 18 hour kiln firings, they then need to be shaped, cut, ground and polished. Many contain 99.9% Silver foil. My aim is to create unique and beautiful jewellery at a reasonable price. My work includes necklaces, bracelets, pendants, rings and earrings (some clip-ons),as well as some hair adornments and pins.